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Epoxy 7132/2001, Gallon Set

Epoxy 7132/2001, Gallon Set Quantity in Basket: None
Code: ER-1015A
Price: $140.40
Shipping Weight: 13.00 pounds
Gallon sized unit of our 7132 epoxy resin (8 lb. net weight) with appropriate amount of 2001 hardener (4 lb. net weight). Mix ratio is 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener by weight.

Epoxy Resin is a versatile material used for many different applications and projects such as fiberglass lamination (surfboards, boat and auto repair, mother mold shells, fabricated props, etc.), electronic encapsulation, clear castings, as an adhesive (mosaics, stone, metal, wood, some plastics),  as a hard durable coating for everything from foam boards, wood, to artwork, and of course as a binder for atomized metal powders to create cold cast metal castings (cold cast bronze, steel, brass, aluminum, copper, zinc, etc.). Epoxy resins can be colored with a wide variety of pigments such as cal tints, mixol tints, artists dry pigments, resin dyes, and many more. Epoxy resins can be modified with an impressive list of fillers, thickeners, and reinforcement materials such as microballoons, whiting, fillite, milled fibers, thixo hp, etc, to create hundreds of different effects. See PDF info sheet link below for more complete information.

Epoxy Resin offers some distinct advantages in it's properties: Epoxies are low odor and low toxicity compared to other resins. The epoxies carried here contain no solvents which means negligable shrinkage in castings, coatings, and laminations. Epoxies have a fixed weight mix ratio, a predictable setting and working time (although affected by ambient temperature), and are more flexible and less brittle than their polyester resin alternatives.

Epoxies will yellow over time and uv exposure. Epoxies may not be the best choice for exterior unpainted applications, as they will yellow, and will develop a chalky surface. Consider painting any exterior epoxy parts or castings.

We offer two epoxy resins and two epoxy curatives, which offer a broad range of properties and applications:

7828 Epoxy Resin: High viscosity (honey consistency), 100% solids, clear epoxy resin. Often used as an adhesive or coating resin.

7132 Epoxy Resin: Low viscosity (light syrup consistency), clear epoxy resin. Often used for Fiberglass lamination, or clear castings.

2001 Epoxy Hardener: Low viscosity, clear epoxy hardener. Best suited for fiberglass lamination and pourable castings up to 2" thick. 2001 has a 40 minute pot life, 16-24 hour cure time.

8140 Epoxy Hardener: Medium viscosity, reddish amber epoxy hardener. Often used for adhesive applications, and larger mass castings, especially with fillers. 8140 has a 200 minute pot life, 16-24 cure time.

Any of the resins can be matched with either hardener. Some suggested pairings:

Fiberglass, Kevlar, and Graphite epoxy lamination for auto and boat repair, surfboards, and all around general purpose fabrication: 7132/2001

Clear Epoxy Castings (up to 2"), electronic encapsulation, Cold Casting with atomized metal powders, also wherever a pourable consistency is desired : 7132/2001

Clear Epoxy Castings (up to 2"), : 7828/2001

As an adhesive for wood, stone, metal, some plastics, also wherever a more viscous consistency is desired: 7828/8140 Larger mass castings, with fillers added to reduce exotherm: 7132/8140
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